100 tonnes of confectionery flown by Air Charter to Peruvian warehouse

100 tonnes of confectionery flown by Air Charter to Peruvian warehouse

Approximately 100 tonnes of confectionery has been flown by Air Charter Service to a Peruvian warehouse.

The leading aircraft charter specialist delivered the 100 tonnes of confectionary to restock the Peruvian warehouse that had suffered from fire damage and lost most of its supply of sweets.

Richard Thompson, President of ACS Americas, commented: “The company’s logistics provider called us saying that the sweets needed to be flown from Mexico as soon as possible so that the warehouse’s distribution was affected as little as possible. We arranged for a Boeing B747-400 to position into Mexico City to pick up every child’s dream – 100 tonnes of candy!

“Due to strict slots for cargo flights at Mexico City (there is only a six hour window every day), a little more planning had to go into the loading than with a regular charter. We needed to make sure the aircraft departed on time to ensure minimal disruption to the Peruvian supply chain and we managed to complete the operation well within the client’s timetable.”

Thompson concluded, “Charter flights with food are fairly commonplace, before now we’ve flown in extra turkey for Thanksgiving, flour to a tortilla factory, burgers for a well-known fast food chain and ham to Puerto Rico – because they’d run out!”

Air Charter Service is a global company that was formed in 1990 with 20 worldwide offices. It has offices spanning all six major continents and offers private jet, commercial airliner and cargo aircraft charters, as well as onboard courier solutions. The carrier also arranges more than 11,000 charters annually and has revenue close to half a billion dollars.