Intercargo “concerned” at tragic loss of STELLAR DAISY

INTERCARGO have announced their “deep concern” over the loss of VLOC vessel STELLAR DAISY, reported on March 31 2017.

Emphasising that their “thoughts are with the families of loved ones and seafarers”, the company reiterated that “as there is still hope, our wishes are for the missing officers and crew to be found and the loss of life in this sad event to be minimised.”

So far only two of those on board have been rescued with a reported 22 still unaccounted for.

INTERCARGO have praised the Search And Rescue (SAR) efforts in response to the incident, while saying in the aftermath that “the shipping community should be concerned about the non-availability of sufficient SAR capabilities in the vicinity of busy shipping lanes around the world and revisit this issue.”
INTERCARGO encourages the Flag State and all stakeholders (e.g. Classification Society and P&I Club) involved in the event to be mobilised swiftly and cooperate fully, in order to submit as quickly as possible to IMO a thorough and quality report investigating its causes, in order that lessons can be learnt promptly where maritime casualties are concerned.
INTERCARGO has stressed “the importance of timely submission of the casualty investigation report to IMO, as a means to identify the causes of the incident and enable corrective actions to be taken”. Encouraging commitment to the safety of crews and ships as atop priority, INTERCARGO states that it “engages itself in making full use of such a report outcome in the industry fora where it participates and in its capacity as the International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners”.