ITS upgrades TPS with additional empty chassis detection

New system from ITS is both rapid to deploy and affordable

UK based International Terminal Solutions Ltd (ITS) are pleased to announce an empty chassis detection upgrade for their trailer positioning system (TPS). ITS has over 20 years of experience in deploying TPS and have used that experience in recent developments to bring a system to the market which is both rapid to deploy and affordable. The system is aimed at ensuring the terminal operators see an immediate benefit in their shipside operations. The latest development is for empty chassis detection and allows any shape or design of terminal chassis to be accurately positioned with truck driver indications for slowdown, stop and overshoot.

Richard Lambert, ITS’ Managing Director commented: “As well as detection of the actual container on the chassis, our TPS had always had empty chassis detection to advise the truck driver where to stop. However, the new upgrade now brings the empty detection in line with the advanced detection and signalling for the loaded chassis and provides the driver with a slowdown signal as he approaches the correct stopping point. If the driver overshoots, the system also detects this, and signals the driver to reverse.” He went on to say “we worked on this development with an existing client already using our TPS and following very positive feedback from users during beta testing, the upgrade was rolled out into full operations.”

Allan Jones ITS’ Head of Business Development also commented: “Increasing productivity at the berth is a challenge many terminals are tackling and our aim with TPS is to provide a quality low cost solution to the bottlenecks caused through trailer positioning. During 2014 we firmly established TPS, having supplied several trailer positioning systems including repeat orders and we used TOC Europe earlier this year to announce deployment prices for TPS starting at around €5,000. The interest following that has been tremendous and this latest enhancement shows our commitment to establishing the ITS TPS system as an easy decision for terminal operators who are looking to improve ship side operational efficiency.”

About ITS
International Terminal Solutions has an impressive list of completed projects and satisfied clients. Our product portfolio includes; G-POS – a Real Time Location System incorporating GPS technology for handling equipment; E-SMART an equipment status visualisation, safety and KPI tool; and other optimisation, identification and security systems for container terminals.
With depth of experience in integrating RFID and GPS technologies into business applications, ITS can help customers explore and implement innovative new ways to use this technology to gain competitive advantage.