MessageMia keeps fleets productive and safe on the road

MessageMia keeps fleets productive and safe on the road

In 2017 the government introduces a six point penalty and £200 fine for anyone using a mobile phone in charge of a vehicle. Now fleet managers must protect their employees and businesses from accidents and penalties.

Health and safety is becoming a bigger and bigger issue and MessageMia helps fleet managers stay ahead of the game.

MessageMia protects individual drivers, as well as fleet managers and businesses. Designed with drivers in mind, MessageMia makes commutes and business travel safer and more productive.

Having a great idea while driving is a frustrating experience. One option is to risk a fine and points on the licence, as well as accidents, by writing it down or making a note on a mobile phone. A good time to pull over might never come and any ideas may well already have been forgotten.

Using the driver’s already existing mobile phone and hands-free kit a call is placed to the MessageMia service. Users leave their message in a short recording which is then transcribed and emailed back. It’s a completely hands-free way to take notes on the road.

Mia for Business provides low cost bulk subscriptions and great value for business owners and fleet managers. Users call a free phone number to use the service from any phone or network, using the equipment they already have, in a simple and easy to use service.

Use for noting new ideas, capturing to-do list items, brainstorming or dictating memos and emails. The hands-free notebook perfect for drivers and the service perfect for managing a fleet and business.