Soloplan: New scan feature for CarLo inSTORE

Use of scanners with ranges of up to 13 metres

 The software and counselling company Soloplan presents the advanced warehouse management solution "CarLo inSTORE", which can be used as an expansion of the transport management system CarLo. Now, CarLo inSTORE has a scanner interface, making work more comfortable and efficient. Users can choose from a wide range of manufacturers and models, allowing a scanning range of up to 13 metres. CarLo inSTORE does not require a specific platform and can be adapted to existing scanning systems.

The warehouse management solution CarLo inSTORE has proven to be a useful expansion of the transport management system CarLo over the past few years. The add-on allows the user to control any movements of goods taking place between stock placement and delivery of goods using only one system and one central database – this makes creating and maintaining customer and product data in two-fold redundant.

CarLo inSTORE supports all warehousing processes from stock placements, via stock transfers to stock removals. Furthermore, it supports inventories. Apart from full inventories, the user may even select inventory sampling, which can reduce the stocktaking effort by up to 90%.

A wide range of different customer-specific tariffs can be saved for the calculation of warehousing charges and warehousing services and will be used automatically. The system is particularly convincing, if used in combination with the transport management system (TMS) CarLo. This is due to the fact that delivery orders created in CarLo inSTORE automatically create the corresponding transport orders in CarLo. Manually entering orders is no longer necessary, which accelerates the work-flow and eliminates a source of error.

Furthermore, the CarLo inWEB add-on may be used, which enables users to monitor stock levels or create stock replacement orders wherever they may be, using the internet. This web solution was developed, among others, for interim storage facilities, which are to be operated by a carrier and managed by the loader.

CarLo and any of its components are suitable for companies of all sizes operating both nationally or internationally. The software interface is multi-lingual and an extensive Client and User Rights Management system allow for using the software solution in forwarding agencies operating several branches or belonging to a group.

Soloplan GmbH is one of the leading software companies who have specialised in logistics software. The product range consists of standard software covering the entire process of logistics.
The main product is the transport management system CarLo, which covers the areas transport planning, graphic planning, automatic tour planning, telematics, CRM, freight billing by the freight forwarder, warehouse management, fleet management and routing. CarLo includes, among others, an interface to SAP and other enterprise resource planning systems.