Tuscor Lloyds – Mexico to Libya

80 tons of RO-RO cargo were shipped via Antwerp

Tuscor Lloyds has just completed transporting 80 tons of RORO cargo from Mexico to Libya
80 ton RO-RO shipment of Asphalt Plant and Scalping Screen Transported from Mexico to Libya via Antwerp.

Tuscor Lloyds was called in by a client in the construction industry to transport an asphalt plant and scalping screen which was required in Misurata, Libya. The RORO cargo was made up of 4 pieces weighing more than 8- tons.

Tuscor Lloyds project team was in charge of the port to port transportation between the Port of Veracruz, Mexico and the Port of Misurata, Libya. The equipment was built around specially manufactured trailer chassis, due the the nature of the chassis and cargo the pieces could not be top lifted to Tuscor Lloyds transported the cargo as RORO cargo.

Once cargoes were loaded the chassis were secured using heavy duty ratchet straps. The cargo was trans-shipped from Veracruz to the port of Antwerp where it was loaded and lashed to another vessel destined for Misurata.

Tuscor Lloyds highly trained project managers in Mexico and the United Kingdom handled this RORO project cargo through every process and the scalping screen / asphalt plant arrived on time and in perfect condition at the port of Misurata.