Allseas Global Logistics announces comprehensive new network to serve Central Asia

18 months of detailed planning and discussions

A comprehensive new network of offices and door-to-door services for key markets in Central Asia has been announced by Allseas Global Logistics.
In a very significant expansion for the UK-based project forwarding, freight and logistics specialist, the network will include new, fully staffed offices in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey, a joint venture in Pakistan, a partnership agreement in Kuwait and Iraq and the continued expansion of Allseas’ highly successful Dubai office.
“This expansion has involved 18 months of detailed planning and discussions,” said Des Nott, Group Project Manager at Allseas. “We have focused on finding the right locations and the right people, and on creating a vision for the whole region. As a result, we can offer customers a complete door-to-door service, including full customs brokerage and cargo tracking, to and from some very challenging destinations.
“Underlining all of this will be the strong Allseas brand. We are known for our reliability and in Central Asia we guarantee the same Allseas philosophy – hassle-free logistics.”
The new network has been created in response to increasing demand for high-level logistics support in the region, he added. “There are some incredibly big projects going on in the region, including infrastructure and oil & gas developments. A lot of cargo movement is happening. We have a good name in the industry and we are going to bring our unique approach to these markets. We will provide a complete door-to-door service for all cargoes from all over the world.”
The door-to-door offering is very different to the services generally offered in this region, he said. “At present, it is mainly a fragmented process of different operators using the same pool of hauliers and equipment. We will create tailor-made solutions for our clients, offering not only the best service but also the best price. We will provide the equipment door-to-door – open tops, flat racks and dry containers – or devan cargo for onward delivery from key points.”
Allseas Global Logistics is offering door-to-door services, with full in-house staff coverage, into Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Kurdistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Southern Russia, Syria, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The network will be overseen by Des Nott.

The new network includes:
Georgia: New offices have been opened in the capital, Tbilisi, and the port city of Poti, on the eastern Black Sea coast. A team of eight dedicated Allseas staff are being led by Des Nott and Selim Nurlu, a seasoned veteran in handling project cargo for military and other clients.
“These offices are set to serve the import/export requirements in Georgia – but Georgia is also a really important ‘front door’ into the former CIS countries,” said Des Nott. “Often to get into these regions, transport is arranged north into Latvia and then by road or rail through Russia, which can take a very long time and for project material is very expensive indeed. Also harsh winter months can effect cargo movements”
The Poti and Tbilisi offices are staffed with cargo handling experts to organise container loading and unloading, project cargo handling and trucking services. The team will be fully conversant in Georgian, Russian and English.
Azerbaijan: Baku is a hotspot for project cargo movements, with a number of massive developments ongoing in industry, infrastructure and oil & gas. Allseas will open a fully staffed office in Baku by mid-January 2015.
Turkey: Allseas will open offices in Mersin and Istanbul in January 2015. “We have already employed two staff in Mersin and will expand the complement for opening in January,” said Des Nott. “This office will serve all of Turkey, supported by a sub-office in Istanbul. This will be for transhipment of project cargo initially, with Istanbul as the hub – where we have appointed a highly qualified and experienced project manager in Istanbul, Gürkan Yucekaya. The Mersin office will also come under the direction of Selim Nurlu and Des Nott.”
These two offices will serve the booming project market into and out of Turkey, with door-to-door cargo handling. But they will also be important for serving Syria, northern Iraq and Iran. “Those routes are open now and we are operating them,” he said.
Dubai: Allseas’ Dubai office was opened in 2011 and has expanded steadily since then, Paula Bellamy, Regional Manager – Middle East, is now leading a team of eight. Clients include China Petroleum and Petronas, for which Allseas acts as in-house forwarder and logistics provider.
“We are serving the UAE and Persian Gulf from our Dubai office, with full coverage of project cargo, containerised cargo and door-to-door cargo handling services,” said Des Nott. “But from Dubai we are also serving Iraq, and we see an increasing role for this office in serving the wider Central Asia region.
Afghanistan/Pakistan/Kuwait/Iraq: Allseas set up a joint venture with Pakistan’s number one logistics group, Raaziq International, which also runs its own offices in Afghanistan, earlier in 2014. The partners are working together to use and keep open two routes into Afghanistan established and maintained by Raaziq over the past ten years on behalf of the ISAF forces, with a small commercial element – the northern route via the Khyber Pass into Kabul, a seven-day truck drive, and the shorter five-day route into the southern parts of Afghanistan. “These are tried, trusted and secure lines of communication which we can use to provide door-to-door services to hard-to-reach places for our commercial clients,” said Des Nott. “Our offering includes full warehousing, containers and project sustainability.”
Similarly in Iraq, Allseas is working closely with that country’s leading forwarder, SABA International, which has a strong presence in Kuwait and Iraq, to provide secure transport routes, trucks and trailers and warehousing.
“The partners we are working with are the best,” said Des Nott. “When you have time-sensitive projects or cargoes, you need to have people you can rely on. They have proven track records and know how to move consignments in the terrain while working around political and military flare-ups.”
Des Nott concluded: “We have a strong product in place, backed by the Allseas brand and our reputation for reliability. We have put immense effort into the detail and in sourcing our staff and partners. Our customers have trust in us, based on what we have achieved in the past, and the Allseas brand is growing globally. We have excellent relationships with the leading carriers, both conventional and containerised – our spend is increasing and therefore our buying power is increasing. This is an exciting and ambitious step forward for Allseas Global Logistics.”