Customs Union GOST and TR certificates

The Customs Union can benefit everyone

Russia is a constant lucrative market for enterprises from Switzerland. Great sport events as well as the modernisation initiative of the Russian Government open sales opportunities for the industry
in Switzerland. Moreover, Russia was entered to WTO as well as to the Customs Union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
But with all economical potential provided by these markets there are still a lot of bureaucratic problems. Actually the questions of customs and product permission are subject to constant changes and require special preparation from the side of foreign manufacturers.

Background of certification 

The GOST certification sets quality requirements for products which are to be sold in Russia and must be proven by certificates and mandatory marking of products. The GOST R or TR certificates are to be submitted by the exporters already before customs clearance and must be shown later in the shops in
Russia. There is possible certification for one-delivery only and also for serial production, valid for 3 to 5 years. Depending on the product area probably some additional approvals and permits might be required: State registration for baby products and hygiene items or medical devices, metrological certificates for measuring tools, EX certificates for machines in the explosion protected area as well as state approvals for commissioning of industrial facilities and components (RTN permits). In any case a product sample must be submitted to authorised Russian laboratories for laboratory testing. 

Please note, operation manuals and safety data sheets have to be obligatory translated into Russian.

Technical regulations – harmonisation of the national GOST norms

During the last two years Technical Regulations were adopted which are valid for every country of the Customs Union; for the moment there are about 30 TRs (read under Old GOST certificates will be gradually replaced by new TR certificates Customs Union. This will allow delivering the products to all countries of this Customs Union with one certificate.

Significant changes

The most significant change is – a representative in the Customs Union has to be appointed in the certificate, who will be responsible for safety and quality of the products on the territory of Customs Union. It must be a “Russian legal person” registered in the Customs Union. For the manufacturer from
Switzerland without representative in Russia there is a problem with serial permits. The solution is companies which are acting as representative offices in Russia. The risk is a dependence of the manufacturers of these service companies which are theoretically owner of the certificates. So the manufacturers have to check the seriousness of these companies carefully.

Denomination of products

After successful certification the mandatory marking of products is required. Conformity of the goods has to be identified by the new EAC logo (Euro Asian Conformity). Requirements to the label as well as marking of goods are described in details in every Technical Regalement.