ITM January-February 2012

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How Europe's crisis could hurt the US economy

 The economic future of Europe looks gloomy: Default in Greece appears inevitable and a recession is on the cards. While Greece is at the epicentre of the troubles right now, the economic effects of the E.U. crisis could be profound and global. Here are three important numbers that help illustrate what the stakes are not only for the European economy but the U.S. and the rest of the world. 18.1 percent That’s the share of U.S.

Where next in the world?

For those of us who enjoy contemplating our navel whilst at the same time reading macroeconomic reports on which export markets we should next be focusing our efforts on, the last couple of years has been a trying time. You see, it has all to do with acronyms. You might well ask what have they got to do with selling overseas. Well, the acronyms I’m referring to, represent collective names bestowed on lists of countries, which assorted experts and consultants consider

Exporting to Africa

 Many governments within the African continent have put stringent requirements in place to ensure their consumers are protected from sub-standard products and goods. Pre-Shipment Inspection, Destination Inspection, Product Conformity or Pre-Export Verification of Conformity (PVoC) to Standards are the types of programmes that have been implemented not only to verify safety and performance of goods but also to ensure that correct import duty revenues are paid. Traders exporting to these countries need to be fully

Direct Rail Services

Rail transport plays an integral part in the nuclear fuel cycle. Every day thousands of shipments of radioactive materials are transported worldwide. It is vital to ensure that this transportation process is safe, secure and reliable. In the UK, nuclear materials have been transported by rail since 1962, travelling over 10 million miles without any incident involving the release of radioactivity. DIRECT RAIL SERVICES [DRS] was established in 1995 as a lynch pin supplier of transport and associated services to the

ITM July – August, 2012

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Kewill – trading on global trade

Growth in global trade presents a big opportunity for logistics companies, but a similar growth in competition means they will have to take a smarter approach to management and systems, says Andrew Dalziel , VP of Marketing and Product Management at Kewill. Global trade is expected to grow by 98% over the next 15 years according to HSBC’s recent HSBC’s Global Connections 2012 report. It is predicted that international businesses

Demand growth slows

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announces results The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced global traffic results for May showing a general downward trend in line with deteriorating global economic conditions. While passenger demand was 4.5% ahead of levels in May 2011, growth was virtually flat compared to April. Capacity increased by 4.0% and load factors stood at 77.6%, below the historically high levels recorded in April. May freight

Top quality used distribution and roro tractor units from Terberg DTS

Terberg DTS (UK) Ltd is a market-leading supplier of shunting tractors, terminal tractors, aviation equipment and specialist vehicles, and has developed into one of the largest suppliers of specialist used vehicles to the Multimodal and Sea Port sectors. Currently, Terberg can offer a comprehensive range of YT 180 and YT182 distribution tractors as well as a selection of RT roro tractors for the used market, for sale both in the

The human cost of Somali Piracy 2011 report

Here is an overview of the updated report highlighting the latest details of the plight of seafarers at the hands of Somali pirates that were released in June 2012. Written by Kaija Hurlburt of One Earth Future and by the International Maritime Bureau The original Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) Human Cost of Piracy report, released in June 2011, reported statistics collected during 2010. Subsequently, there was a peak in pirate activity