Tuscor Lloyds sends a shipment of equipment across the Atlantic

Tuscor Lloyds has again worked with clients in the construction industry to transport a concrete plant from Spain to Mexico.

The project was split into two shipments, the first shipment of cargo was collected from the manufacturers in Murcia, Spain and transported by road as out of gauge cargo to the port of Valencia from which it would sail to Veracruz, Mexico.

The out of gauge cargo was loaded to a container vessel secured to a flatrack container and arrived safely at the port of Veracruz where it was carefully unloaded and transported to the client by road.

Preparation for the second shipment began shortly after the first shipment arrived, the larger shipment consisted of a kneader, several auxiliary pieces and a group of hoppers which were loaded in five open-top containers, one high-cube container, one 40ft flatrack container and one 20ft flatrack container.

Cargo for the second shipment was also picked up from the manufacturers in Murcia and loaded to containers for shipping. Tuscor Lloyds transported the cargo by road to the port of Valencia where it was carefully loaded and secured to the container vessel for transport to Mexico. The cargo arrived in Veracruz where it was unloaded and checked for possible damage, of which there was none. The cargo was delivered to the clients’ door and thanks to everyone involved this was another successful shipment completed under budget and within the specified time frame.



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