Holoptica offers a range of both traditional and new technologies

Holoptica is a consolidation of four companies, all with many years’ experience of innovation in anti-counterfeiting, Brand Protection and authentication solutions. Operating in government I.D and Brand Protection, Holoptica offers a range of both traditional and new technologies for the protection and authentication of documents and merchandise. From our California based head office, situated in Belmont at the heart of the Silicon Valley, we provide a unique range of combined technologies and high-end security features. 2014 saw the opening of our UK office and the completion of new premises in South Africa, establishing a joint manufacturing operation between Holoptica and our longstanding partners Holomatrix. For late 2014 into 2015 we shall see the opening of new strategically placed offices to further support our growth and introduction to new markets. This, along with planned additional production capacity, will support our ongoing commitment to remain leading innovators in our chosen field.

To combat the ever growing problem of counterfeiting on a global scale Holoptica originates and manufactures a broad range of holographic solutions including foils, labels and microDOTs. In addition to holography we provide an extensive range of DNA based authentication solutions. These include our DNA SmartMark™ program along with DNA and quantumDOT infused security inks. We also operate a highly successful global VTN verification and authentication database adopted by the WCO (World Customs Organization) as an integral part of their IPM Connected program. The combination of these technologies, along with our continued investment in product development, ensures Holoptica remains not just a product supplier, but a total solutions provider.

Operating a management team with broad industry expertise Holoptica continues to drive product development and new applications, further evolving security hologram authentication techniques, synthetic DNA innovation and security ink programs. Our increasing efficiency and sophistication of product delivers the highest quality along with the most cost effective protection available for our clients’ products, documents, inventory and Brands.


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