Theresa May’s handling of Brexit has been criticised and the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans rejected, so reports The Evening Standard.

Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission,  ruled out essential trade talks until “divorce” issues were first been settled, while stating that none of the Brexit papers published by the UK Government in recent weeks have been “satisfactory”.
The UK Government is currently contesting demands by the EU for a multi-billion-pound cash settlement as part of the separation talks.
Junker said:

“We need to be crystal-clear that we will commence no negotiations on the new relationship — particularly a new economic and trade relationship — between the UK and the EU before all these [separation] questions are resolved.”

Junker also claimed that the UK “hesitates showing all its cards”, adding: “I did read, with the requisite attention, all the papers produced by Her Majesty’s Government and none of those is actually satisfactory.”

The opposition Party have already alluded to the Tory government endangering a trade deal, with members of Theresa May’s own party also dissatisfied.

The 27 EU countries are currently demanding a cash settlement, plus swift guarantees on the rights of their citizens in the UK and a plan for the Northern Ireland border, before wider discussions take place. Hardline Brexit-backers say there is nothing in any European treaty that requires Britain to part with money.