zero emissions

Oxford Zero Emission Zone, a tax on vital commercial vehicles

Plans for a Zero Emission Zone (ZEZ) in Oxford, published today (7 January 2020), are effectively a tax on trucks and vans in areas of the city, according to FTA. The business organisation, which speaks on behalf of the logistics sector, is calling for Oxford City Council and Oxfordshire County Council to reconsider their strategy until zero-emission commercial vehicles become a viable alternative for local businesses. Rebecca Kite, Environment Policy

A beginner's guide to international sales taxes

Sales tax is the most common overseas tax which international traders have to deal with. John Galvin explains them here. Here’s a TRUE or FALSE question for you this month: Is it correct that the most common overseas tax faced by international trading businesses should not cost them anything? Strangely enough, the answer is TRUE and the tax in question is sales tax, commonly known as VAT or GST. In