NedCard’s eSIM personalization offer brings long-awaited support for eSIM M2M market growth

NedCard’s eSIM personalization offer brings long-awaited support for eSIM M2M market growth

NedCard, an independent specialist in semiconductor packaging for smart cards and M2M, introduces its eSIM M2M personalisation offer that brings ultimate flexibility and security to answer eSIM needs for M2M. 

The M2M market is experiencing a fast transformation that requires the whole supply chain to adapt to these new requirements. Until now, legacy players in the M2M supply chain have not been efficient in delivering the services needed by parties like M2M developers, hardware manufacturers, OS developers and OEM’s.

They ask their semiconductor vendors, packaging companies and personalisation service operators to be able to bring industrial and flexible solutions in order to be able to evolve along changing market demands.

NedCard’s expertise focuses on packaging, personalisation and security, all the required skills to bring a flexible offer to the booming eSIM M2M market.

The eSIM brings the appropriate level of security required for industrial M2M applications. As the M2M market is evolving fast and adapting to specification and customer demand changes, M2M parties need an eSIM M2M personalisation offer that is, at the same time, industrial, secure and flexible.

NedCard, as a recognised player with a long-standing history in smart card module manufacturing, is in the best position to satisfy these requirements. Supplying high-end secure smart card modules, NedCard has certified secure facilities that fulfil all customer demands for SIMs, banking cards and ID documents.

Thanks to its responsiveness and independence, NedCard is focused on bringing the highest level of flexibility for all sizes of orders for eSIM personalisation.

NedCard’s new service is opening in the Netherlands and is set up to provide maximum flexibility to systems integrators as it can process small and large orders while being instantly reactive to specification evolutions. NedCard personalisation service is able to manage all types of JEDEC-compliant packaging, regardless whether systems integrators choose MFF2 or other packaging standards.

Jack Gijrath, NedCard Executive Chairman, declared, “it is time for the eSIM M2M industry to end having to cope with quick-fix, unreliable and rigid offers! NedCard builds upon its longstanding history in module packaging to deliver a long-awaited offer for independent, industrial, secure and flexible eSIM packaging and personalisation solution that comes in due time to support the M2M fast take-off and volume growth for multiple applications.”