thermal camera

Safeguarding frontline workers

Digital Barriers launches remote fever scanning solution to help safeguard frontline workers Digital Barriers, a provider of edge-intelligent surveillance and security technologies, announced the release of a real-time remote fever scanning solution that adds remote monitoring to this capability. Fever scanning cameras help safeguard frontline workers against potential infection. The addition of Digital Barriers’ government-grade remote monitoring enables this to be carried out without the need for close human contact,

Import Taxes

Import taxes in payments to be deferred

Call for government to include import taxes in payments to be deferred The Institute of Export & International Trade is calling on the government to include import taxes in its COVID-19 measure of deferring the VAT, duty and excise payments that businesses are required to make. In his package of help for business, unveiled this month, Chancellor Rushi Sunak said the government would defer the next quarter of VAT payments