Allseas ship a yacht from Thailand to the UK

Presented a unique logistical problem

Allseas’ project team were recently asked to responded to a request from a private owner to move a Yacht from a shipyard located in Rayong, Thailand, to Southampton in the UK.

This particular shipment was to present us with a unique, if not interesting logistical problem.

The yacht was at a defunct shipyard located on a beach front in Rayong and with no feasible road access due to size restrictions, we needed to find a solution to move the yacht from the shipyard to Laem Chebang.

We devised a plan which involved moving the yacht on a cradle to the beach where we had arranged for a crane to lift the yacht and cradle onto a barge which would then transport them to Laem Chebang to meet up with ocean going vessel for shipment to the UK. However, there were obstacles to overcome. As the yacht weighed in at 26,000kgs we needed to ensure the stability of the crane when lifting from sand and we did this by placing steel platforms on the sand which the crane then sat on.
We then needed to find a way to get the barge close enough for the crane to lift the yacht safely within its reach. This was achieved by sending the barge in on the high tide, the barge would then sit on the shore during low tide, when the lift would be completed, and the barge would then be re floated before getting underway to Laem Chebang.

The yacht was then transported downriver to the port where the multi-purpose, ocean going, vessel used its on-board crane to lift the yacht directly from the barge and onto its deck.