Analysis brings effective energy management

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Effective energy management is now firmly established as a discipline that all companies must embrace if bottom-line profits are to be maximized.

Indeed, ‘sustainability’ is now regarded as an essential business tool – rather than something to which ‘lip service’ is grudgingly paid in return for a ‘green’ PR opportunity or a tick on the corporate social responsibility ‘to do’ list.

And the warehousing sector has been quick to embrace the many opportunities that exist to cut emissions – and boost profitability.

But, although many warehouse companies have realised the benefits of reducing energy consumption by, for example, switching to more efficient lighting systems and cutting heating costs, many are still wasting thousands of pounds each year because their own internal logistics processes are fundamentally inefficient.

For example, the way in which a warehouse is laid out and the routes that materials handling equipment takes between order picks and/or put-away will have a substantial impact on the amount of energy used at any site.

By mapping the best routes around a warehouse for replenishment and order picking tasks, notable manpower, energy and forklift fuel economies can be quickly achieved.

TouchStar Technologies has recently joined forces with warehouse management systems specialist Proteus Software to offer warehouse and distribution centre operators a new reporting service that highlights those aspects of a storage facility that could be undertaken more proficiently and, therefore, more energy efficiently.

By analysing a company’s warehouse operation, it is possible to identify areas where efficiencies can be made and a full report on the potential productivity and energy efficiency gains that are possible can be delivered.

The combined approach of Proteus and Touchstar delivers significant business benefits by not only streamlining existing processes but by promoting the more efficient use of complementary materials handling equipment (MHE) such as conveyors, forklift trucks and racking. The optimisation of MHE not only reduces manpower energy, but also the fuel and power required to drive the equipment.

Typically, by optimising product flow, energy savings of between and 15 and 25 per cent to be made within a warehouse.

Proteus Software has been helping supply chain businesses achieve greater efficiency and productivity since 1987. The company’s customers are high volume distributors who supply to high street multiples and demanding end customers.
Proteus specialise in providing warehouse management systems that optimise warehouse and supply chain processes. The goal is to improve warehouse performance in order to maximise throughput in the warehouse – thereby achieving cost savings for their customers that impacts their bottom line.

Proteus provide innovative warehouse management solutions, which can be delivered either on premise (utilising an in house server), or as a hosted solution (served via a browser). The latter option incurs no capital outlay. Systems are available as simple Paper based solutions, RF Directed, Voice enabled, and RFID ready.

Meanwhile, TouchStar Technologies Ltd has been supplying rugged mobile computing solutions to the logistics sector for over three decades. The latest generation TouchStar handheld and vehicle mount technology provide lighter and more ergonomically designed mobile computers. Fast, reliable and powerful, these devices provide superior data collection, from scanning to voice to RFID and when combined with real-time communication and dynamic functionality, this technology provides startling productivity, efficiency and energy gains.

The warehouse is at the heart of any modern supply chain and anything that improves warehouse efficiency and removes cost from the storage process cannot be overlooked. Proteus and TouchStar believe that their new approach to warehouse operation analysis will give companies the tools needed to trim overheads and improve their environmental impact at the same time – and that’s good for business and the planet.

On Thursday November 13th Proteus and TouchStar will be hosting a seminar dedicated to increasing efficiency within the warehouse. The event takes place at Proteus’s Birmingham offices and will feature two keynote presentations and panel discussion in the morning, a buffet lunch followed by a demonstration of the Proteus/TouchStar solution in the afternoon.

The seminar is free to attend and further details are available from Linda Rodway, Market Development Manager, Proteus Software Ltd, Tel: +44 (0) 121 717 7474