Atlet’s new reach truck reaches the parts

The first reach truck to offer a 1000kg lift to 13 metres

 As every logistics manager knows, the art of profitable warehousing and distribution is to achieve the swiftest, safest, most reliable and most cost effective handling of goods between points. And that means ensuring that every single inch of storage space pays its way. Now, the warehouse equipment specialists at leading forklift manufacturer Atlet have taken a huge step forward in offering the market the potential for a massive increase in storage capacity with the announcement of the first reach truck to offer a 1000kg lift to 13 metres!

With end users demanding ever-greater capacity and throughput from their warehouses, the onus has been on manufacturers of materials handling equipment to lift more, higher and more quickly without any reduction in safety standards and with return on investment maintained or improved. So, for existing clients, whose Atlet Tergo reach trucks are already storing 1250kg loads at a class-leading 12.1 metres, the new specification meets just those criteria, raising the bar to an impressive new level; just imagine what they – and you – could do with that extra capacity!

As well as the incessant pressure on supply chains to become leaner and more productive, a dearth of speculative industrial property development in recent years has contributed to a shortage of good quality, high specification warehousing space. Aided and abetted by economic uncertainty and the continuing Euro crisis, rents have been pushed upwards and margins that logistics providers would already describe as ‘tight’ are being squeezed further. What to do? Certainly in some cases, decisions to expand are deferred, but for other businesses, the option is to reconfigure existing facilities, upgrade systems and increase efficiency. Whether you are looking to store more on your current site, either by using existing racking height or by extending or whether you are planning for a new site, the flexibility offered by the latest specification Tergo UHX reach truck really does provide a safe, reliable and tried and tested solution for getting the most from every square foot! And that flexibility doesn’t just mean storing more at greater heights; it means the freedom to put away even heavy pallets without the need to find low-level or floor locations, saving time and cost whilst also boosting safety margins.

In the race for efficiencies, the Tergo offers further benefits; as a free-travelling reach truck, constructed from standard components, it offers greater operational flexibility, reduced maintenance and a lower cost of ownership overall than the specialist equipment often required to service the highest of racking installations.

The Atlet Tergo’s award winning ‘operator-focused’ ergonomics, robust chassis, outstanding stability and vast array of custom options together with exceptional lifting performance make it the perfect partner for the most demanding of high rack warehousing environments. With its new and impressive load/ height performance data, the top-of-the-range Tergo UHX enables operators to increase substantially their storage capacity within a current warehouse footprint or where space for expansion is limited or non-existent, as well as in high cost-per-foot applications such as cold storage. In short, however challenging your storage needs, Atlet really does reach the parts other trucks can’t!