Clugston Distribution takes green growth route

Clugston Distribution Services continue to invest for the future

Clugston Distribution Services, a division of the Clugston Group, is continuing to invest for the future, despite the current economic recession, by investing in a ‘green’ strategy reinforcing the company’s commitment to its ISO 14001 accreditation. As well as signing an agreement with CO2Sense, the company is in the process of installing 20 Safer Driving Assistants, supplied by CMS SupaTrak and has upgraded its Transport Management System (TMS) to Manpack 3 from Mandata.

Developed in conjunction with logistics and haulage companies, the Safer Driving Assistant aims to promote fuel and carbon efficient driving by providing drivers with real time in cab alerts about their driving style. The alerts are taken from the EcoTrak fuel saving technology, installed in the vehicle, which records and reports information including real time MPG, speed, RPM, engine load, idling time and time spent in cruise control.

EcoTrak fuel saving technology has been verified by Complete Integrated Certification Services (CICS), who have approved the methodology used to monitor and report fuel and carbon savings achieved through the implementation of EcoTrak fuel saving technology.

It is estimated that installation of the new systems will lead to savings of as much £50 per week, per vehicle, and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Reducing CO2 emissions is high on the agenda for Clugston Distribution, who also recently signed an agreement with CO2Sense to develop a Sustainability Strategy. The agreement will see both companies working together to identify ways to develop and implement an environmental programme of activity.

Initially the collaboration will involve looking at ways to make the company as resource efficient as possible in water, energy and waste. This will be quickly followed by identifying ways in which the company can generate its own energy. The programme will also include re- assessing fuel oil bills, sustainable procurement procedures, biodiversity and other potential transport related CO2 reducing opportunities.

The company’s new TMS system, Manpack3 from Mandata, which is an upgrade from a legacy system, will streamline the back office function allowing the traffic office team more time to focus on customer facing activities and requirements.

David Heath, general manager Clugston Distribution services commented, "Our strategy is to continue to invest for the future, despite what many are calling the worst recession in living memory. Whilst continuing to develop and grow the business we also however, recognise our responsibilities as far as developing and enhancing our environmental credentials are concerned, which is why we have invested in leading edge technology and why we have set-up an agreement with CO2Sense, the leading not for profit organisation that helps businesses and public sector organisations cut their costs by implementing sustainable strategies."

Clugston Distribution Services has the capabilities to meet the wide ranging needs of manufacturing and service companies across the UK. The company has the facilities and expertise to meet all their supply chain needs, with a service which is designed to meet their individual and specific requirements.