Dynaset celebrate their 30th anniversary

Dynaset celebrate their 30th anniversary

Dynaset recently celebrated their 30th anniversary with their customers, dealers and co-operation partners in Ylöjärvi, Finland. In addition to their anniversary celebration, the company held their annual Dynaset Dealer Meeting which included technical training, an open house event with factory tours, product/activation demos and information about new products.

Dynaset was founded in 1986 by the company’s General Manager Reijo Karppinen. The founder, an innovative engineer, had an idea of utilizing hydraulic system of carrier machines for powering generators, magnet generators, welders, power washers and compressors.

“Dynaset was established for producing a wide range of hydraulic equipment and applications. There was an obvious need for these products right from the beginning at least from my engineer perspective. Already then I was confident that these products would be in demand internationally.” – General Manager Reijo Karppinen on establishing Dynaset.

At the beginning of the 90’s, Karppinen started to look  at new markets abroad. Initially Dynaset exported hydraulic equipment to Sweden and then to the rest of the Europe. It didn’t take too long to spread the word of the benefits of utilizing hydraulics and export these ground breaking products all over the world. The company has been consistently hiring and have expanded the dealer network constantly to cover all industrial countries.

Dynaset has been the pioneer of innovative hydraulic equipment and today the company slogan ‘Powered by Hydraulics’ is widely known. Thanks to extremely high-quality hydraulic equipment with hundreds of applications and excellent dealers, the company has been able to successfully expand its business worldwide.

“In the future our selection of products and applications will be greater. Dynaset will keep serving customers in our own original way, although the company will be closer to the customers.” – Sales Manager Anni Karppinen on the company’s future.