e-customs® web-based customs management systems

Free facility offered by e-customs to help low to medium volume exporters

Islay Ales have taken advantage of a free facility offered by e-customs to help low to medium volume exporters tackle the UK customs legal requirements.

Steve Bavin, Director, Islay Ales said: “We are a small brewery looking to export our beers outside the EU, and we needed a system that could meet the Excise Movement Control System (EMCS) requirements with a minimum of fuss and effort whilst also providing us with some business benefits. We found just what we needed with ‘Webdecs’ , the e-customs system. The straightforward approach and flexibility of the system has enabled us to meet the customs declarations requirements easily and quickly and given us a valuable management tool. For free; nothing else compares. Thanks e-customs .”

This free service from e-customs is an alternative to the free service currently available from the Government Gateway. However it provides the user with some very significant extra features which most international traders and businesses would regard as essential to an efficient operation. For instance there is no need to rekey standing data and there is ready access to past declaration details thereby yielding valuable management information on demand.

Alun Davies, Managing Director e-customs says: “It is satisfying to see users of our new e-customs ‘Lite’ product acknowledging the beneficial service we are providing to help the UK export goods as efficiently as possible. All low volume exporters really must explore what we are making freely available and compare it to the service provided by the Government because this is an opportunity to easily upgrade and improve their procedures to current best practice at no cost; the difference will be clear.”

For more information, visit: www.e-customs.com