Giveaway campaign to boost UK trade overseas

1,000 words of free translation for 100 UK businesses

An international translation company with headquarters in the UK is offering 100 businesses the chance to kick-start overseas expansion with free translation services. The free translation offering is being launched as part of the company’s campaign to boost UK Trade overseas, encouraging businesses to take the leap with any planned expansion overseas and emphasising the importance of taking the right linguistic measures when doing so.

The exclusive offer from Global Lingo will include free translation of up to 1,000 words from English to any language, which can also be used as credit towards a larger order if a business has a bigger piece of text or larger project they’d like translated. The free service will also feature an additional free service of proof reading and be awarded to the first 100 businesses to contact Global Lingo before the November 30th 2013, quoting Translate 100 at the time of the enquiry. The service can be used for any copy that a business may need translating, including but not limited to; websites, blogs, marketing material, newsletters, leaflets and brochures.

Marketing Director of Global Lingo, Richard Michie, made the following comment regarding the launch of the ‘Translate 100’ campaign: “It is generally taken for granted that there is very little need for translation within smaller and medium sized UK businesses, as many wrongly presume that everyone they will deal or come into contact with will speak or understand English – even overseas. This simply is not the case and could potentially stop these companies expanding their reach overseas missing out on valuable business and clients as a result.

"The fact of the matter is that, in order to do effective business overseas, businesses must adapt themselves to communicate with their desired customers; and many companies across the UK are guilty of ignoring this. That is precisely the reason why this campaign is so important; we aim to raise awareness of the lack of communication between UK businesses and their potential customer overseas, and rectify it with the offer of free translation to get things going.”

Managing Director of Global Lingo, Andrew Trotter, added: “In launching this new campaign, the whole team here at Global Lingo hopes to educate UK businesses on the importance of correct communication with different cultures globally and, in turn, boost UK trade overseas. Thanks to the internet and modern technology, even the smallest of businesses has the potential to trade overseas, and this initiative will hopefully give these businesses the incentive to understand the benefits of global communication.”

The giveaway is limited to the first 100 businesses that contact Global Lingo by phone quoting Translate 100 before 30th November 2013 on +44(0) 207 870 7100 or via email to The promotion is open to new customers of the company only, and multiple applications from organisations will not be accepted.