Global Logistic Freight Solutions are going places!

One of the most reliable and trusted logistics companies now open in Canada

Incorporated in 2005 and based in Grimsby close to Immingham and Hull docks and now with the new office in Toronto Canada since April 2011, Global Logistics Freight Solutions has established itself as one of the most reliable and trusted logistics companies in the region.

They are a family owned independent company committed to the values of personal service and committed to finding cost effective and efficient solutions to all our clients needs. Managing Director Simon Legg cites the key to the company’s success is close communication with clients at ever stage of the process and the strong work ethic of staff.

He prides himself that clients don’t get ‘lost in the machine’ and that have limited points of contact. The company is six years old and all 5 employees are family members – keeping the service very much relationship lead.

Despite their bijoux credentials GLFS deals with every port in the UK and can arrange import and export to and from any port in the world. Independent international freight forwarders offering the full range of services associated with sea freight, road distribution and customs clearance.

The company is personally committed to every aspect of service to ensure that your freight is delivered in perfect condition to your destination, when you specify and at the lowest possible cost.

They are the reliable and trusted freight forwarding partner for many companies. Working within their systems, GLFS provide all their shipping and customs clearance requirements. Global Logistics Freight Solutions know that physical shipping is only part of the story. Imports and Exports need to be cleared quickly and efficiently as they cross borders.

GLFS have the very latest online services to facilitate instant, paperless customs clearance of goods from anywhere in and out of the EC. 

The company is the exclusive UK partner of KGH who are AEO certified (Authorised European Operator) by the EC taxation and customs union.

KGH employs over 400 staff in key ports and border crossings to ensure that all imports or exports are processed smoothly. At Global Logistics Freight Solutions they love a challenge. So finding economic solutions to transport cargos which need special handling or do not fit into standard containers is not a problem.

They are experienced in handling perishable cargos, high value goods and foods which need temperature controlled and spotlessly clean environments, and all manner of heavy loads.

At Global Logistics Freight Solutions they believe that satisfied customers are the lifeblood of business. They rely on repeat business and customer referrals for our livelihood, so always go the extra mile to ensure that customers are more than happy with the service. Some of the testimonials they have received from their customers are above.

Simon Legg

Managing director

Telephone +44 (0)1472 350979