Humber Ports UK wind turbine shipments

WWL ALS is involved in a series of port operations for wind farms

WWL ALS has completed and is currently involved in a series of port operations for wind farms for Nordex involving the Humber Ports
These include 4 wind farm projects completed for Seven Trent and Todmorden wind farms, the latter of which is an ongoing project.

5 Nordex N90/R80 wind turbines featuring LM 43.80m long blades. The towers comprise of 4 sections, the longest of which measures over 20.80 metres long and largest diameter 4.30 metres.

Seven Trent
4 identical N100/R80 wind turbines chosen for 3 different sites: Wanlip, Newthorpe, and Spondon. The blades measure 48.80 metres long.
WWL ALS’ role encompasses vessel operations, port operations, storage, quality and stock control and dispatch to individual wind farms.
Vessel operations/ ships husbandry
Controlling vessel movement within the Humber estuary and port, liaising with pilots, customs, mooring, port authorities, port health, crew welfare and vessel owners requirements.

Port Operations – Phase 1
Responsibility for: managing and arranging all cargo discharge operations from vessels including: stevedoring, crane hire, welders, organising and liaising with specialist transport for removal to storage area.

Port Operations – Phase 2
• Managing, receiving storage and dispatch in allocated storage areas at port.
• All quality control including: inspection and condition reporting of individual components.
• Care and maintenance of stock
The team offers an individual service of the highest standard with a global presence and reliable partners, providing clients with the most suitable and cost-effective solutions.
Additional project services include the provision of vessel chartering and road transportation.