IAG Cargo leads European carriers for e-AWB penetration

Ranks well above the industry average of 25%

Boasting a 34% penetration, IAG Cargo now leads European carriers when it comes to e-AWB penetration and is fifth globally for volumes, as of January 2015 (IATA figures). IAG Cargo’s e-AWB penetration ranks well above the industry average of 25%.

IAG Cargo has made e-AWB available in more than 160 stations globally, amounting to nearly 100% of its network where e-AWBs are legally recognised. As a result, the carrier now has multi- or bilateral agreements in place with in excess of 100 forwarders and has completed data quality assessments on 2,400 branches.

Angel Cabeza Rivas, Head of IT at IAG Cargo commented: “e-AWB is gathering significant momentum across the world and IAG Cargo is at the leading edge of this innovation. We believe e-AWB will do for the cargo industry what digital ticketing has done for the passenger industry: delivering customers a more cost effective, efficient and environmentally friendly way of shipping cargo.”

Stephane Noll, Regional Cargo Manager at IATA commented: “In the past few months, IAG Cargo has been instrumental in driving the e-AWB agenda by taking an active leadership in many airports. On many trade lanes out of Europe, North America and North Asia, IAG Cargo e-AWB penetration is above market performance. IAG Cargo has done an amazing job in Europe and in the world in accelerating modernization.

Additionally, during 2014 IAG Cargo also successfully rolled out the e-CSD across its global network, reaching more than 80% penetration (excluding MAD and LHR originating shipments) in one year, through iagcargo.com. This has materially reduced offloads due to losing CSDs, improving the customer experience.

Combined with IAG Cargo’s e-AWB leadership and advanced eBooking platform currently in live trials stage, the carrier is now one of the industry leaders in the e-Distribution arena.