Integrated security zone delivers fresh ideas and new concepts at Counter Terror Expo

 The Counter Terror Expo, running from the 24th to 25th of April 2013, at Olympia in London, is the premier international event for high level senior decision makers, buyers and specifiers from across the world within Government, military, the logistics industry and the security services.
This market-leading event hosts the most comprehensive showcase of technology, equipment and services designed to protect nations, borders, crowded places, critical national infrastructure, companies, assets and individuals from terrorist attacks and wider security risks and vulnerabilities.
The event consists of 9000+ attendees, 400+ exhibitors, 4 separate conference streams, 12 technology workshops, closed door meetings, VIP and International Delegation Groups and a fully hosted Meet the Buyer Programme.
New ‘Integrated Security’ zone
Counter Terror Expo is introducing a brand new zone dedicated to integrated security.
Integrated security is all about bringing once disparate solutions together and harnessing their combined capabilities to deliver enhanced functionality. Technological advances over recent years enable the combination and transportation of diverse data streams in innovative and exciting ways.
Coupled with highly advanced video and data analytics tools and sophisticated global mapping and tracking solutions previously the preserve of government and law enforcement entities, these superior integrated security techniques are now available across the corporate marketplace and beyond and deliver a capability hitherto only on people’s imaginary wish-list.
The fusion of automatic number plate recognition with real-time closed circuit television monitoring, smart access control and perimeter intrusion detection hardware constitutes a method to secure critical national infrastructure with unparalled command and control system wide.
Within the high-risk aviation and transport arena, real time monitoring of closed circuit television, automatic number plate recognition and street furniture sensors, might deliver advance notice of imminent threats. When combined with appropriately advanced access control and perimeter intrusion detection methods, this could deliver a fully integrated means to properly protect our primary transit hubs.
Many of the solutions illustrated can equally be applied by senior security professionals to protect banking/finance, communications, energy (oil/gas/nuclear/electricity), health, supply chain/logistics, transport, utilities/water and other large-scale sensitive sites.
The zone comprises command & control, intelligence reporting & analysis, video management systems, video analytics, CCTV, perimeter security, access control, biometrics and global mapping and tracking solutions. A knowledge centric workshop programme, specifically designed to deliver detailed insight to senior security professionals, will support the zone.
Security a grudge purchase?
In tough economic times investment in security is seen as a grudge purchase yet at the same time the variety of threats to a business increases. CTX 2013 will help senior security decision makers and the wider security industry understand the current security risks and vulnerabilities they may face and the range of solutions they need to implement to secure funding for these necessary projects.
Whilst counter terrorism solutions are the highest form of security their implementation will naturally help to mitigate a range of other threats including civil disorder, cargo theft, organised crime, insider threats and cyber-crime – all of which can have devastating impacts on a logistics company’s site, its brand, workforce and ultimately the bottom line.
How resilient are your networks?
The flagship two day Critical National Infrastructure Conference running alongside Counter Terror Expo 2013 examines the key areas of protection, security and the process of identifying protective security for critical infrastructure and national assets, by bringing together policy makers, owners, operators, practitioners and key supply chains.
Delivering insights into approaches for chemical, biological, radiological and explosive threat migration the conference will offer delegates the opportunity to discuss advances in bio-weapons and the implications for national security.
It has become increasingly apparent that a number of business and organisations, some with multi-million pound assets or sensitive property, often hosting items attractive to terrorists, underestimate the need for security, placing it as an unnecessary expenditure. Securing and protecting high value sites such as oil refineries from a new generation of terrorists, including oil thieves to protecting not only physical, but virtual information property is placed to be a significant concern for the years ahead.
Attendees at Counter Terror Expo will be able to receive valuable information and insight within this Conference as well as the ability to source and procure the latest technologies and equipment directly on the show floor.
Secure your space
The Protecting Crowded Places Conference looks at the role of innovative building design and blast mitigation techniques to protect buildings and infrastructure and the surveillance and policing procedures used to secure crowded places and protect the public.
The conference will analyse past events; the associated venues, hubs, infrastructures, transport routes and social venues and provide an in-depth review of the reality of delivering integrated, inter-agency, joined-up security.
Counter Terror Expo will also hosts conference streams on Global Counter Terrorism, Cyber Security & Electronic Terrorism, bringing clarity to the most critical and topical issues of concern for the counter-terrorism and security community.
Counter Terror Expo, 24 – 25 April 2013, Olympia, London, is a must attend event for any logistics professional for whom security is a prime concern.