International Partnerships drive growth and success

Living in a world where developments in communications continue to advance

We live in a world where developments in communications continue to advance at break neck speed. The consequences of this are both far reaching and profound, creating a society in which people expect things to happen instantaneously. In the mind of the consumer if they can place an order in Russia over the Internet on Monday, why shouldn’t it arrive from the UK soon after? For freight carriers this poses a challenge – delivering outstanding customer service packaged in a swift and cost effective framework.
Within the well oiled networks of a logistics company’s home territory this ‘need for now’ is an achievable outcome, but as the logistical route stretches over increasingly long distances – crossing cultures, borders and geography – it becomes an increasingly difficult operation, This is especially the case when reaching in to expanding markets like Eastern Europe, The CIS, Russia and the Balkan States, markets that have become both increasingly important and demanding on the back of major infrastructure projects such as the 2012 European Football championship in Poland and Ukraine and Russia hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics and 2018 World Cup.
The need for supply chain speed, security and reliability has never been more prevalent and for one British company this opportunity has been met by forging relationships with strategic partners. Redhead International, one of Britain’s largest independently owned logistics companies in the UK has developed strategic partnerships with companies like Militzer & Münch in Germany and AWT Čechofracht in the Czech Republic to be able to offer reliable, fast freight services into and out of the burgeoning trading territories.
“It’s important to be able to offer customers regular services – such as a regular 48 hour service into and out of Germany – as we continue to build on the flexibility that our clients already experience and demand. We do understand however, that the longer the supply chain the more problematic this can become. It’s invaluable therefore, to have experts on the ground, partners with a wealth of territory knowledge and experience,” commented Tony Suggitt, Redhead’s joint managing director.
In an industry that reaches back to civilisation’s earliest incarnations and where much is as it always has been – moving commodities from one location to another – it is the company with foresight that adapts to the specific challenges of the 21st century, delivering goods swiftly and safely around the globe to the satisfaction of the ‘need for now’ generation that will succeed.
Established in 1978, Redhead International has depots in Bradford, Burton-on-Trent, Basildon, Bathgate, Belfast and Dublin. Employing over 200 staff internationally, the company has regular scheduled services to over 40 countries in Western, Eastern and Southern Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa, the Middle East and the CIS countries. Current turnover is more than £30 million a year. In 2011 company turnover increased by 8%.