IOC at Multimodal: The Final mile question?

Logisticians rarely click and collect

Over six thousand final mile questions asked by the IOC at the biggest trade show of the year, three days and a staggering collection of answers about what you as logisticians believe are the issues of final mile in the e-retail shift of shopping from high street to home delivery.

A dedicated team of logistics students from Manchester Met university manned the iPads to ask courier, road, rail and air folk what they thought.

Logisticians rarely click and collect, only 25% believe cost of delivery is very important and only 30% believe speed is very important. The detailed analysis of more than six thousand answers is being processed by Manchester Met.

Its not too late to have your say in the final mile answers.

Click this link for a two minute survey on your e-retail actions, two minutes and make your voice count in this final mile question set.