Kerry Logistics completes first stage

Of Kewill Forwarding Implementation

 Kerry Logistics, a global logistics service provider (LSP), has today announced that only 6 months after signing the contract with Kewill to roll out the Kewill Forwarding solution, they already have 7 countries with more than 10 sites live on the solution including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia. In the next phase there are 14 more countries planned to be live within the next 6 months. In a parallel implementation phase Kerry Logistics’ China operations will be rolling out to 80 sites across China.

Wilson Lee, Head of Information Technology for Kerry Logistics, commented, “The first phase of implementation for the Kewill Forwarding solution has gone to plan, with the result being more than 10 offices in 7 countries up and running within the first 6 months of starting the project.”

Kerry Logistics made the decision to contract for Kewill Forwarding to be the next generation global freight forwarding operation system to improve visibility and management. The next phases of the project will see the solution being used by more than 1,700 users in 25 countries within the Asia-Pacific, EMEA and Americas regions.
Kenneth Ko, Executive Director for International Freight Forwarding, at Kerry Logistics commented, “Implementing Kewill Forwarding will equip us further with the capability to cater top tier customer needs in terms of global supply chain visibility, delivering enhanced transparency and advanced efficiency across our global network.”

Evan Puzey, Chief Operating Officer of Kewill in Asia commented, “This is an excellent result highlighting the potential for our current and future customers to implement a best-of-breed solution in a timespan that maximises the return on investment. The initial phase roll-out success is testament to not only the solution, but the dedication of the two project teams who have focused themselves on ensuring the solution is delivered in the most cost and time effective way.”