Lead Creators Launches Programme To Boost SMEs Overseas Trading

Specialist market development company, Lead Creators has launched an Accelerated International Market Entry Programme

Specialist market development company, Lead Creators has launched an Accelerated International Market Entry Programme (AIMEP) to coincide with the publication of the Government’s Trade and Investment White Paper aimed at encouraging UK businesses to trade internationally.

While the Government’s proposals tackle the financial concerns involved with exporting, such as state-guaranteed loans to back exporters and an extension of the Export Credit Guarantee scheme for those sending goods outside the OECD and EU, Lead Creators focuses on reducing the risks to SMEs when entering new international markets.

It is widely acknowledged that the key to sustained and balanced growth for UK businesses is proactive innovation via new international market diversification. Traditionally there have been significant perceived risks for smaller organisations when penetrating new international markets. By partnering with Lead Creators via AIMEP, SMEs with limited internal resource and budgets can achieve ambitions for international growth quicker and more cost effectively. Lead Creators can even provide guidance on funding or grants that are available to support SMEs with new market development in particular sectors.

With market expertise in Europe, Middle East, Central and South America and Asia, Lead Creators’ AIMEP assists smaller UK companies to export to these territories, as well as international companies wanting to penetrate the UK market. Lee Hackett, director, Lead Creators explains: “This means that during the initial phases of international market development there is no requirement for our clients to have local market knowledge or resource. Via partnerships with UKTI we carry out both detailed market analysis and competitor insight by drawing on our in-house expertise combined with support from UKTI to identify the correct channels ensuring correct and accurate positioning in the chosen territory.

“From here, we are in a strong position to identify all the potential business opportunities in the particular market reducing the risk to our client considerably.”
A phased and scalable implementation plan is put into place by Lead Creators, so at this crucial development point there are still no local infrastructure costs for the client as a virtual address and local telephone number is also provided. Sales pipeline management is handled by a dedicated team in the UK and is aimed at creating opportunities in the territory without employing resource in the region.

Regupol Acoustics Middle East (RAME) is a construction acoustic product manufacturer and a client of Lead Creators that has benefited from AIMEP, year one sales increased from zero to in excess of £1 million with an overall sales growth of 311.8 percent in year two. Jamie Symons, technical director, Regupol Acoustics Middle East, comments: “For a start-up company to have access to the resource for a fully managed sales pipeline without the commitment of employees has been instrumental in our phenomenal growth over the last two years. There is no doubt that Lead Creators’ integrated sales and market research support has ensured a solid platform from which we can only expect future expansion.”

By becoming a direct extension to the business, Lead Creators is highly efficient and completely transparent in all operations, delivering an excellent return on investment for clients both in the UK and abroad. For further information on Lead Creators and its AIMEP and integrated pipeline management services, please visit www.LeadCreators.co.uk