Leoni turns to AX4 in China

Leoni turns to AX4 in China

Automotive supplier Leoni is establishing the cloud-based logistics platform AX4 in its Wiring Systems division as the global IT standard for supplier management. The company, which was already running the solution successfully in Europe, has now rolled out AX4 at its cross-docking facility in Shanghai as well.

The cross-docking facility consolidates goods and materials from Chinese-based suppliers and prepares them for onward shipping to Leoni production plants in China, Europe, and America.

Leoni uses the IT platform AX4 from Siemens subsidiary AXIT for supplier integration and digital management of the entire supply chain, from the initial request for pickup to final delivery of the ordered products.

“AX4 gives us greater visibility of the movement of goods throughout our global production network, so we can optimise our transport capacities and eliminate waste,” explains Steffen Schultheiss, who oversees AX4 implementation at Leoni.

The cloud-based solution enables easy integration of suppliers and forwarders into Leoni Wiring System’s supply processes. From the pickup request to final delivery, Leoni maintains a centralised view of all the elements that make a supply chain successful: on-time performance, real-time location of goods, and reliable delivery fulfilment. The platform also provides electronic versions of all the documents previously available in hard copy, such as freight and customs documents.

AX4’s end-to-end digital process control also includes IT components for freight cost calculation and reporting. This gives Leoni direct access to all the validated consignment data it needs to request freight proposals at the click of a mouse.

The Leoni network mapped in AX4 already comprises more than 2,000 supplier locations, 64 plants, 63 logistics service providers, and 7 consolidation centers. Now that the IT platform has been successfully rolled out in China, the company will soon look into integrating its plants, forwarders, and cross-docking facility in America.

AXIT is a specialist for cloud-based IT solutions for the management of supply chains. With AX4 the company founded in 1999 runs the industry’s leading logistics platform used by more than 200,000 users from trade and industry as well as at logistics providers for management of their supply chain. Further information is available on the Internet at: www.siemens.com/logistics.

The cloud based logistics platform AX4 reduces complexity. It facilitates processes and allows for their digitalisation along the supply chain and enables collaboration between the participants. Thus AX4 realises smooth and reliable processes as well as continuous transparency. With more than one million shipment transactions every day AX4 is one of the most-widely used logistics platform for the management of cross-company logistics processes.

AX4 Open is the configuration tool for a flexible and agile set up and adaption of AX4 solutions. According to the motto “Do IT Yourself” customers can create and manage their individual AX4 solution with this innovative tool. The advantages are obvious: Independently from the provider adaptations can be done at any time or best practice solutions can be multiplied at the push of a button.

To find out more, go to www.leoni.com