Menlo Logistics achieves Lean GOLD Certification

Lean Certification program acknowledges attainment of a set of globally recognised standards

Menlo Logistics, (Menlo), the global logistics and supply chain management unit of Con-way Inc. (NYSE: CNW) has achieved a Lean GOLD certification at its Maastricht (Neth.) facility for its logistics operation on behalf of medical device manufacturer, Physio-Control, Inc..

The Lean Certification program acknowledges attainment of a set of globally recognized standards for lean principles and practices. It provides companies with a benchmark for achievements and a common roadmap for continuous improvement and workforce development. GOLD certification validates the process of continuous improvement as it is applied throughout an operation and includes education and training in all aspects of Lean transformation across the entire enterprise.

Commenting on the certification, Paul Rasmusson, Physio-Control’s Director, International Operations & Service, EMEA & APAC commented, “I’m happy that Menlo has achieved a Lean GOLD certification for the operation in Maastricht. For Physio-Control the certification demonstrates that our EMEA logistics are managed with a focus on continuous improvement. The certification means that the Menlo operation in Maastricht is managed through Lean principles at a high level of maturity”.

Among other criteria the GOLD level assessment includes: standardization of processes; dedication to continuous improvement through Kaizen events and tangible savings; quality assurance through root cause analysis and problem elimination and work organization according to the 5S principles of Lean*.

The Lean Auditor commented on the Maastricht team: “This group … have shared their learning while continuing to apply the Lean techniques in making the site a true leader in Lean deployment”.

In acknowledging the Maastricht team’s achievement, Tony Gunn, Menlo’s Managing Director in Europe, commented, “A number of third-party logistics providers talk about continuous improvement. At Menlo, we live it. Lean keeps us laser-focused on Continuous Improvement initiatives delivering value add and increased efficiency throughout our customers supply chains, creating savings that keep accruing month after month. This is the first GOLD certification attained by a Menlo site in Europe, joining four others within Menlo’s global operation. I look forward to announcing more such achievements in the future.”

The leadership of Menlo’s Maarten Beijerinck (Site Manager) and Samantha Savelberg (Lean Coordinator) and the hard work of the entire warehouse team at Maastricht are acknowledged, as are the accomplishments of Physio-Control’s Mark Roeling and his team, who have been deeply involved in the partnership to establish the necessary foundation for the certification.

Physio Control’s Rasmusson concludes: “The Menlo operation in Maastricht is a good example of what the application of Business Excellence principles including Lean can bring in terms of efficiencies, consistency and cost savings to an operation.”.

* 5S Principles – Sort, Set in order, Sanitize, Standardize and Sustain – the basic mantra for those adopting the Lean philosophy.