New UniCarriers order pickers capable of pick heights of up to twelve metres

New UniCarriers order pickers capable of pick heights of up to twelve metres

UniCarriers has launched two more models from its revised picking range into the market with the recent unveiling of the EPM 100 and EPH 125. These two models, available from the 15 November, when combined with the EPL 100 which was introduced earlier this year, offer customised solutions for low, medium and very high pick heights.

Equipped with 48-volt, high-performance motors and pick heights up to 12,100 mm, the EPH is the perfect solution for intensive operations. This truck can operate with loads up to 1,250 kg and achieves a top speed of 12 km/h.

Designed for picking heights up to 9,850 mm, the 24V EPM can reach a maximum speed of 11 km/h while carrying a load of 1,000 kg. The EPM now completes the range of order pickers including the compact EPL for picking heights up to 3,400 mm and the above mentioned EPH.

Featuring a stable and completely re-designed chassis, these new order pickers can be internally adjusted to suit the height and position of each individual driver and are fitted with a full floor covering sensor on the driver’s cab platform. This means that the operator is not tethered to a single spot, which greatly improves comfort by allowing the operator to stand and not be restricted to a specific and uncomfortable position.

The side safety gates are also connected to a cut-out which ensures the lift height will not exceed 1,200 mm without the gates being closed. If they are not, the machine will not function.

In addition to standard mode, the EPM and EPH also feature an eco mode. This reduces battery consumption and provides a more energy-efficient operation. At 66 decibels for the EPM and 65 for the EPH, these order pickers are also very quiet in their operation.