Petroleum Driver Passport scheme launched across the UK

Became operational on January 1st

The UK’s first Petroleum Driver Passport became fully operational on schedule as of January 1st 2014. Training centres have been able to apply for PDP approval from September 2013 and now driver training applications can begin.

The UK Downstream Oil Distribution Forum (DODF) recently announced that the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) has been appointed as Scheme Manager for PDP. During the calendar year 2014 all drivers will need to be trained and to pass the associated assessments, which leads to the issuance of the PDP card. Terminals will begin using the PDP as a requirement of entry from 1st January 2015.

PDP has been designed to sit alongside existing industry regulation, with a five-year renewal cycle, in line with ADR, and annual refresher requirements that can be aligned to Driver CPC. The PDP consists of both classroom and practical elements. If a driver needs to renew their ADR in 2014 they can take the PDP classroom module and assessment at the same time. If a driver’s ADR renewal date is later than 2014, drivers can obtain the PDP via an Interim route. Full details are available on the PDP website.

Brian Worrall, DODF Independent Chair (pictured), said: “This is a significant day in the introduction of the petroleum driver passport. The scheme is now fully open for business and drivers can now work to obtain the PDP during 2014. I am particularly pleased that we have been able to integrate the PDP requirements with both ADR and with driver CPC, which is a great benefit to the industry. PDP can now go on to be the benchmark by which all petroleum driver training is measured and will give confidence to terminal operators, hauliers, customers and the wider public that all drivers have been trained to the same consistently high and externally verified standard in all aspects of tanker driving from pre-vehicle checks to loading, driving and discharging.”

Secretary of State Edward Davey added: “Government is supporting the Petroleum Driver Passport scheme which will improve standards and the quality of training across the industry. We would encourage all training providers to sign up to delivering this new qualification.”

Sue Macfarlane, Head of Specialist Awards and Services of SQA, said: “The Scheme is now well and truly up and running. We have already received a number of requests for approval from training providers and expect to enrol candidates in the New Year. We are looking forward to carrying out our role of ensuring high quality training and assessment on behalf of the industry.”

Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary of workers’ union Unite, said: "Unite strongly welcomes the new Petroleum Driver Passport achieved by bringing all parts of the industry together. A race to the bottom on safety and training standards is bad for the industry, bad for our communities, and bad for tanker drivers too. The Downstream Oil Distribution Forum needs to continue its important work in 2014."