Liebherr Straddle Carriers

Liebherr Straddle Carriers

Liebherr straddle carriers are custom built in two standard heights, 3 containers high (1 over 2) and 4 containers high (1 over 3). The straddle carriers are designed for single and twin lift operation. 8 wheels mounted on four steering axles when coupled with the superior response of the Liebherr drive and control system offers the ultimate in manoeuvrability and stability. The innovative design feature of positioning the hydraulics at low level results in a more dynamic response from the steering and braking system. Design improvements over alternative models ensure the Liebherr straddle carrier benefits from lower maintenance costs, increased fuel economies with increased productivity. The Liebherr carrier has been developed from over 40 years experience in container handling and brings new and innovative features to this market.


  • Fine Creep Control on travel drives for superior and faster positioning accuracy over a container.
  • Steer and Brake by Wire control system ensuring a more dynamic response irrespective of engine speed.
  • Impact Protection and Automatic Wheel Alignment.
  • Four axle steering with two and four wheel steering modes with increased stability both in straight line and while cornering, maintaining maximum agility for positioning.
  • Extended component life and reduced tyre wear leading to increased container handling rates and lower operational costs.
  • Spacious, well equipped driver’s cabin ergonomically designed with improved visibility.
  • Hoist gear positioned for easy access with external disc brakes and simple reeving layout.
  • Twin operating brake system – Electric regeneration and hydraulic wet disc brakes.
  • Power regeneration between hoist and travel drives.


  • 4 containers high (1-over-3) or 3 high (1-over2)
  • 40.6t S.W.L under single lift spreader
  • 50t S.W.L under twin lift spreader
  • Container handling: 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft
  • Liebherr Electric AC inverter drives for travel and hoist
  • Fine inching control for maximum manoeuvrability
  • Rope winch hoist with external disc brakes
  • Maintenance friendly design for ease of access to all service points
  • Strong, rigid, robust structure
  • 4 axle steering extending tyre life
  • HID Xenon and LED light package
  • Additional Driver Aids