Transfennica on track to meet future environmental regulations

Transfennica is applying innovative scrubbing system to more vessels

Transfennica will be well prepared to meet the future new environmental regulations. After a successful operating period on MV Plyca, Transfennica is now applying the innovative scrubbing system to five more vessels in its fleet.

On January 1, 2015 the stringent environmental requirements will take effect to limit the emission of sulphur in exhaust gases. This can be done by installing an exhaust gas scrubber or alternatively to use fuel oil containing maximum 0,1 % of sulphur.
The strict requirements are of crucial significance to the shipping services in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel and the entire Northern European transportation network.

Transfennica is fully committed to the environment and started the process of compliance to the future environmental standards in 2012. It installed one of the largest marine exhaust gas scrubbing systems in the market on the MV Plyca. After a successful operating period of more than 12 months, Transfennica is now ready to apply the Alfa Laval’s scrubber (serving both main engines as well as both auxiliary engines) to its motor vessels Timca, Kraftca, Genca, Trica and Pulpca.

By timely compliance Transfennica ensures the operation of transport in mentioned regions, which is essential and reassuring for all its present and future clients to facilitate their shipping requirements.