Tuscor Lloyds – ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System

Offer clients the highest quality services

Tuscor Lloyds’ UK office has just become ISO 9001 certified, this means we have an established quality management system which we have developed and improved on in order to offer our clients the highest quality services.

Why we have become an ISO 9001 certified logistics provider:
– Improve our efficiency
– Exceed customer expectations and satisfaction
– Show our commitment to continual improvement
– Reduce costs for both us and our customers by working faster, better, cheaper and by reducing errors
– Indentify any issues in our process
– Improve environmental performance and reduce waste

How did Tuscor Lloyds become ISO 9001 certified?
Tuscor Lloyds worked with UKAS accredited auditors over 12 months to show our quality management system was up to ISO 9001 standard.

Audits include assessments of the following:
– Integrity of records
– Staff and management conformance to the system
– Documentation control
– Staff training suitable to meet requirements
– How the system is working in each area of the organisation