Beacon launches new container dwell reports


The supply chain visibility platform, Beacon, has provided complimentary container dwell reports on its newly launched website.

This novel tool allows customers to easily compare their container dwell times with others at the same ports, enabling them to gauge their performance relative to the broader market. Beacon’s data encompasses 64 leading ports worldwide, spanning regions such as the UK, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia.

Adding to Beacon’s array of existing supply chain visibility tools, this latest feature includes a customisable user dashboard, advanced reporting and analytics functions, and planning tools.

For the six-month period between January and June 2023, Beacon conducted an analysis of the data to determine the ports with both the lowest and highest average monthly container dwell times.

Key observations include:

  • Colombo (Sri Lanka) had lowest average monthly container dwell time at 1.8 days; Kingston (Jamaica) had highest at 9.1 days
  • Algeciras (Spain) had the lowest monthly dwell time of any port across the period at just 1.0 day in April; Liverpool (UK) had the highest at 17.4 days in January
  • Four of the ports in the top ten are located in the USA
  • Six of the ports in the bottom 10 are located in Asia

Ports with the lowest average monthly container dwell time (across January-June period):

Ranking Port Country Average container dwell time in days per month
1 Colombo Sri Lanka 1.8
2 Melbourne Australia 1.9
3 Sydney Australia 2.1
4 Charleston USA 2.5
5 Singapore Singapore 2.9
6 New York/New Jersey USA 3.1
6 Norfolk USA 3.1
8 Callao Peru 3.2
9 Jeddah Saudi Arabia 3.5
9 Savannah USA 3.5


Ports with the highest average monthly container dwell time (across January-June period):

Ranking Port Country Average container dwell time in days per month
64 Kingston Jamaica 9.1
63 Chittagong Bangladesh 8.9
62 Piraeus Greece 8.0
60 Hai Phong Vietnam 7.8
60 Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 7.8
59 Manila The Philippines 7.7
58 Le Havre France 7.4
56 Qingdao China 7.0
56 Liverpool UK 7.0
55 Nagoya Japan 6.9

Fraser Robinson, CEO of Beacon, commented: “At Beacon, it’s our goal to provide true visibility across the entire supply chain so that we can create positive change for shippers. Providing free container dwell reports is another way in which we are shining a light on data dark spots, equipping businesses with the information they need to make informed decisions about their shipping processes.”

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