Case Study: ALS helps wind farm build momentum with new 48.8m long blades

Case Study: ALS helps wind farm build momentum with new 48.8m long blades

Project: Nordex Turncole wind farm.

Developer: RES.

Comprises: 7 x Nordex N 100/ R80 wind turbines.

Major components are being delivered by 5 x 2600 T coaster vessels supplied by EMS Chartering, Leer.

Crane specification: Liebherr LG1750 – staggering 80 m radius of lift, 30 metres from the bank.

Duration of the logistics process:  4-5 weeks.

Started: July.

WWL ALS Scope: ALS have researched the options available, negotiated with the river authorities and commissioned surveys of the river bed at the proposed discharging point. They have also identified and procured a suitable pontoon barge with spud legs and anchor mooring systems to enable vessels to discharge directly to the construction site as opposed to placing 75 abnormal loads on the public highway, thus reducing congestion, vehicle emissions, temporary roadway construction and other detrimental environmental effects.

Due to the protected status of the river bank and surrounding area no boarding and landing of the ships is possible from the shore, therefore WWL ALS have chartered a specialist support vessel for the duration of the marine project to provide berthing assistance to the vessels and act as a water taxi for the transfer of ships agent, welders, stevedores and crane banksmen for cargo operations.

In addition the vessel acts as a safety/ standby vessel during all operations to assist in the case of a marine emergency or, should the vessel be required, to vacate the berth at short notice in the case of an incident.