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UK Export Finance: Exporting in the Middle East

UK Export Finance: Exporting in the Middle East UK companies looking to grow their businesses overseas have long looked to the Middle East for trading partners. The Gulf region is rich in natural resources and linked to the UK by long historical trade relationships. In the four quarters to the end of Q2 2019, total UK exports to Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) amounted to £27.9bn, accounting for 4.3% of all


Are you Brexit ready? 5 things you need to know about import-export procedures

It is likely that over the next few weeks, Britain will leave the European Union. As the push and pull over a Brexit deal continues, traders need to be Brexit ready. At present, the UK government is trying its best to ensure that any new controls or regulations do not interrupt the current trade flows. Despite these efforts, some changes are bound to happen. Therefore, it is extremely important for


Re-export of US goods in the UK and European market

Exports are defined as goods and services that are produced in one country and purchased in another. On the other hand, re-export refers to the shipment or transmission of a particular imported item to a different country. The US is one of the largest re-export markets in the world, with an estimated size of $200 billion. Examples of items that are commonly re-exported include fisheries, apparel, and technology products. However,


Five tips for preparing your warehouse ahead of Black Friday

Craig Powell, Managing Director, Balloon One presents five top tips for warehousing ahead of the Black Friday retail rush Black Friday is one of the most important dates in the retail calendar, with slashed prices sending customers into a frenzy to grab the latest deals. While this is great for business, to make the most of the period, you’ll need to prepare your warehouse to cope with the surge in


AEB launches Risk Assessment software

– Convenient software solution identifies compliance risks before they can impact business – Easy online access for all departments across the business to report risks as they ariseAEB, a provider of global trade and logistics software, has launched its new global trade software to protect businesses from global trade violations. Risk Assessment provides easy online access for all teams across a company where global trade risks potentially arise – from

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7 things to plan in September to get Christmas right in grocery retail

Ian Hall, COO, Atheon Analytics shares pragmatic, real-world and data-driven advice to help prevent grocery retailers and suppliers from making avoidable mistakes and missed sales at Christmas. You don’t have to be a retail expert to foresee an uplift in turkeys, alcohol, and mince pies through December, but in reality almost all products see a dramatic increase leading up to Christmas – simply put, people buy more of (almost) everything. The week


FTA exclusive: Decarbonising transport across Europe

Alex Veitch, Head of Multimodal Policy, FTA, explores the future and necessity of decarbonisation in multimodal transport throughout Europe Earlier this year, the UK became the first major economy to legislate for a net-zero greenhouse gas emission target by 2050; this commitment has been set in law through an amendment to the Climate Change Act 2008. While other European countries are yet to implement such legislation, the European Commission is committed to decarbonising


Packaging-led Innovation: The future of supply chain sustainability

In today’s society, there is ever-growing recognition of the impact we are having on our planet and the importance of sustainability. The ‘Blue Planet effect’, newly published scientific warnings and protests from hundreds of thousands of climate change activists around the world has propelled the situation into the spotlight and is being dubbed a “climate emergency”. The demands of eco-conscious consumers can no longer be ignored, and businesses must react


Globe Tracker: The future technology of cold chain

ITM talks to Globe Tracker about the recent partnership with Hapag-Lloyd to produce ‘Hapag-Lloyd LIVE’ smart container tracking solution. To read the full interview and our exclusive features from industry experts, see our latest (July/August) print edition of ITM. Hapag-Lloyd presented its new real-time container monitoring program ‘Hapag-Lloyd LIVE’ at transport logistic Munich. The program offers real-time GPS location, temperature information and power-off alerts, among other services. In an initial

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Ask the expert with Carlos Carriedo, Senior Vice President American Express and IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto

Carlos Carriedo, Senior Vice President American Express Global Commercial Services Europe talks to ITM about exporting despite Brexit future. Over recent years we’ve become accustomed to headlines reporting and forecasting the impact of ongoing political uncertainty on British businesses. In the absence of clarity around how Brexit will affect UK businesses’ productivity, performance and trade relationships, it is natural that business leaders will take a more cautious approach to spending