Customs Under Control  

Customs4trade (C4T) reveals how it is setting the standard for the next generation of customs management, providing traders with greater control and visibility  

Could you tell us about Customs4trade (C4T) and its main mission? 

Our mission is to streamline trade by enhancing compliance, efficiency, and speed. We aim to offer a comprehensive and interconnected customs system that complies with regulations in all the countries where we operate. Our focus is on traders who ship goods globally. We strive to eliminate as much friction as possible in customs handling and self-filing. Additionally, we provide special procedures that enable our customers to save substantial amounts on duties and free up working capital. In essence, our goal is twofold: to make life easier and better for traders while also optimising costs. 

How is Customs4trade setting the standard for the next generation of customs management? 

From the beginning, our vision has been to simplify and automate customs processes across different countries. Traditional methods often handle customs on a country-by-country basis. However, since trade involves moving goods from one country to another, we believe the process should be seamless and interconnected. For example, if you export goods from Dover to France or Belgium, you should be able to use the same data set for both export and import.


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