Open for business with Dubai Trade FZE: Embracing the country's flourishing market

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Ravi Kumar, Head of Strategy & Innovation for Dubai Trade FZE, provides an analysis of the premier trade facilitation entity that offers integrated electronic services from various logistics service providers under a single window.
Dubai Trade underlines Dubai’s position as the perfect base for trading across borders with its unique geographical location, appealing infrastructure and seamless processes across the private sector and government agencies. Dubai Trade integrates the major stakeholders in the trade and logistics operations including DP World, which has a portfolio of more than 65 marine terminals across six continents.
Dubai Trade was set up in 2003 to offer integrated electronic services from various trade and logistics service providers in Dubai through a Single Window.
Thus, Dubai Trade has integrated DP World (the global ports and terminals operator); Dubai Customs (Dubai’s first government department to embrace fully fledged IT automation); and Economic Zones World (the global operator of economic zones, including Jebel Ali Free Zone – one of the major contributors to the overall growth of Dubai).
There has been rapid transformation and expansion since 2003; the number of online transactions now exceeds 20 million a year, and annual growth of 2-4% continues. More than 100,000 companies now use the round-the-clock e-Services provided via the Dubai Trade Portal.
In 2008, Dubai Trade launched the e-Payment gateway “Rosoom” and this quickly became an indispensable platform for traders.
Enacting the Single Window
Dubai Trade has succeeded in completing the Single Window ecosystem within Dubai, including service automation, eliminating the need to physically visit counters to complete transactions; consolidating several disparate systems to a centralised platform; and increasing e-service adoption rates, as well as additional services such as online payments and trade insurance
Dubai Trade Portal offers a Single Window to the online services of its stakeholders, providing a streamlined flow of services for traders, shipping lines, shipping agents, clearing and forwarding agents, hauliers and free zone licensees.
Services include:
.Cargo Booking and Clearance – customs declaration, container tracking, customs and ports payment, air/sea schedules, cargo booking, freight enquiries
.Cargo Handling and Marine – berth booking, manifest services, load list/discharge list submission, delivery orders, container release/acceptance
.Free Zone Administration – visa permits, lease renewal, employment and access cards, letter requests
.Transportation – time slot booking, cargo gate pass, truck registration and renewal with DP World
Dubai Trade offers training via workshops, e-tutorials and printed materials to give customers the knowledge and skills they need for efficiently conducting their business online. A contact centre operates 24/7, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, to assist customers with any service-related issues.
The e-payment system “Rosoom” also provides high levels of security and reliability. More than 292.3 million dirhams were generated from 292,000 payment transactions in the first quarter of 2016 alone. Users can access transactional and settlement reports instantly and can also use the platform to complete payment transactions on their smart phones.
This complements the variety of other payment options available, including credit and debit cards and pre-paid instruments such as the e-Dirham.
Tradeshield is a robust service for insurance that enables customers to apply and obtain standard insurance policies online, a key part of the one-stop-shop for all shipping-related services.
The Certified Trade and Logistics Professional (CTLP) is a comprehensive training programme that covers the end-to-end process of import and export in the UAE and the region. It’s a hands-on programme designed to give you in-depth understanding of the full business concepts and procedures related to all stakeholders involved in the trade supply chain.
The Single Window provided by Dubai Trade delivers vital support for the development and growth of Dubai and its economy.
A study by the Emirates Competitiveness Council concluded that the potential savings in export and import costs, due to the reduction in time to trade across borders, has been worth US$40 billion over a five-year period. Each Dubai Trade transaction eliminates paper, saves effort and time, and positively impacts on the lives of users, the environment and the economy.
Dubai Trade promotes innovation amongst its stakeholders and seeks to introduce new products and services that further streamline the supply chain activities.
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