Eurotunnel at 30

As Eurotunnel celebrates its 30th anniversary, one of its largest commercial users is marking 2,600 journeys through the tunnel every month – more than 30,000 annually.

Europa Road, the dedicated European road freight division of Europa Worldwide Group, was one of the very first transport companies to establish express services into mainland Europe, and started using, LeShuttle Freight service, shortly after it opened in 1994.

It remains one of the greatest transportation innovations of a generation, being the longest undersea tunnel in the world, spanning 50km. Open 24/7, 365 days a year, LeShuttle Freight offers remarkable flexibility for frequent users like Europa Road, who transport a variety of time-critical groupage, part load and full load consignments from the UK’s largest groupage 1Hub in Dartford.

Cementing the UK’s trade ties with continental Europe, LeShuttle Freight offers the prospect of high-speed freight services, shorter journeys and a sophisticated IT/data transfer infrastructure allowing smooth border crossings.

A truck crossing the Channel on LeShuttle Freight our freight service emits 12 times less carbon emissions than by ferry. Through the use of its specific and bespoke IT integration, LeShuttle Freight’s infrastructure is customer-centric and easing trade burdens post-Brexit.

Dan Cook, Group Operations Director at Europa Worldwide Group, explained: “Eurotunnel opened access to new European markets for British businesses, offering faster transit times (of just 35 minutes compared to 90 minutes by ferry), fewer carbon emissions, and fewer disruptions associated with weather or traffic congestion at ferry ports.”

“There have of course been challenges along the way. Everything changed when the UK left the customs union and more complex border controls came into force after Brexit. Freight businesses transporting goods to the EU via France needed a more sophisticated IT infrastructure to improve operational efficiency, communication between stakeholders, and track & trace capabilities.”

To overcome these challenges, Europa invested over £10 million on its bespoke freight management software Leonardo. Developed in-house and managed by a global team of 100 experts, the system has expanded to provide customers across road, air and sea freight with enhanced management and consignment visibility and tracking.

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