Liebherr Floating Transfer Solutions

Liebherr Floating Transfer Solutions

Bulk Handling in Open Sea

Heavy duty, high performance slewing or double girder grab cranes provide a highly efficient and flexible solution for installation on barges and transshippers. Safe and precise crane operation is ensured with Liebherr’s own Litronic® crane control and management system. Specially designed heavy duty hoisting winches, heel trim alarm systems and emergency operation functions all help to ensure efficient and uninterrupted transshipment of goods on vessels up to capsize.

Bulk Handling in Sheltered Waters

Bulk handling and transshipment in sheltered waters can be performed by a wide range of Liebherr cranes starting with slewing cranes with single rope or motor grabs through to heavy duty high performance slewing or double girder four-rope grab cranes and Liebherr Mobile Harbour Crane uppercarriages.

Complete Floating Transfer Solutions

This new barge concept which has been designed by Logmarin and incorporates Liebherr’s heavy duty high performance four-rope grab cranes offers optimum efficiency in bulk handling on vessels up to Capesize even in open sea. Starting from basic engineering and advisory services through to floating crane start-up and technical supervision, all services are provided and co-ordinated by Logmarin.

Three different floating crane systems using Liebherr bulk handling cranes, which are also suitable for break bulk and heavy lifts up to 80 t, are available.

Special Solutions for Bulk Handling

For the flexible handling of individual loads or bulk materials, Liebherr offers many machines specially modified for such tasks, for example, its Duty Cycle Crawler Cranes. Liebherr is a leading manufacturer of modern hydraulic crawler cranes. The wide range of equipment and attachments available enables them to be converted rapidly and without difficulty for either cargo or bulk material handling.

Duty Cycle Crawler Cranes Type HS

The wide range of modern Liebherr Hydraulic Crawler Cranes includes machines with lifting capacities between 43.5 t and 300 t. The flexible high performance machines can be equipped with all common types of grabs and draglines and can be operated either on shore or on board a barge in sheltered waters. This provides the user with high flexibility and enables high utilization. As an option the upper structure can be directly mounted onto a barge or ship to remain permanently on the vessel. A wide range of optional equipment can be offered, as for example:

  • a raised operator’s cabin for an unrestricted view into the vessel’s hold
  • an adapter between the crane’s undercarriage and upper structure to raise the boom pivot point
  • an extended safety package with access ladder guards, wide catwalks, additional mirrors and an acoustic travel warning signal
  • additional anti-corrosion coat and hot-dip galvanized cabin

All Liebherr Crawler Cranes are equipped with the modern Litronic® control system and offer precise online load-moment computing to allow maximum use of available load capacities. Low operation costs and high reliability are further significant advantages.


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