Global revolution in electric vehicle experience

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AEHRA, a new global ultra premium electric automotive brand, destined to eclipse all existing standards for in-cabin comfort, space, ownership and travelling experience, has been launched today.

A new era of ultra premium EV mobility

Company Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hazim Nada has launched AEHRA with a vision to redefine ultra-high premium sustainable mobility by exploiting the very latest engineering, battery and manufacturing technologies in a manner not yet achieved by any automaker.

AEHRA’s vision is to synthesise the elegance of Italian design, global engineering, and American customer service with the future of EV monobodied manufacturing. AEHRA is intensely focused on creating a driving experience that is always extraordinary. For business or pleasure, AEHRA is a valued necessity to everyday life that is as beautiful as it is functional. The mission of AEHRA is to provide customers with an unparalleled driving experience that is beautiful, environmentally respectful, and functional.

Born in the US and raised in Italy, Nada holds an M.S. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College London. He subsequently flourished in banking, before creating a multinational commodities trading company. Given his knowledge in advanced aerodynamics, in 2015 he founded Aero Gravity, Europe’s largest vertical wind tunnel, with AEHRA Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Sandro Andreotti.

Nada observed that no automotive manufacturer was taking full advantage of emerging EV architecture to deliver a genuine step-change in vehicle aerodynamics, design, cabin space, comfort and human journey experience. Instead, global OEMs and start-ups alike, remained enthralled  to legacy thinking, designing EVs that look like Internal Combustion Engined (ICE) vehicles and manufacturing them and marketing them in an equally archaic manner.

Hazim Nada, Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of AEHRA, said:

“We created AEHRA with an undiluted vision to tackle some of the fundamental shortcomings in the current global automotive industry. First, to create truly desirable electric cars that are conceptualised from the onset as electric, without the overhang of combustion legacy mindsets, and basing them upon Italian design that finally optimise the benefits which EV design affords, both inside and out.

“AEHRA’s vehicle architecture takes the step by addressing the direct shortcomings of designing electric vehicles that maintain the shapes of internal combustion engine traditions. And secondly, to redefine the automotive experience.

“We’re not just talking about allowing customers to purchase a car directly online in just a few clicks, we’re going to completely rewrite the way that buyers make their way through the full research and purchasing journey, as well as enjoy it to the ultimate, long after they’ve taken delivery.”

Space and comfort with transformative technology

AHERA’s initial SUV will effortlessly accommodate four full-size NBA (National Basketball Association) players while leaving room for a six foot adult in the middle of the rear seat row. A generously sized trunk will offer ample luggage space.

While every AEHRA model will feature the latest ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), for expansion to fully autonomous driving capability in the future, the driver is placed at the very heart of the vehicle. An exceptionally strong, ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque chassis will significantly reduce vehicle weight, enhance range and provide exceptional agility and driving pleasure.

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