IFZA x Elite Business Live 2024

International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) Dubai, the most dynamic and truly international Free Zone Community in the UAE, recently held a Breakout Session titled ‘Dubai, the Destination for Global Opportunities,’ during the Elite Business Live event in London, UK. This comes at a time when IFZA is focused on its ongoing strategy of fostering global connections and expanding its reach to bridge the gap between Dubai and the international business community.  

IFZA’s Client Engagement Manager, Robert Osborne, led the session, redefining the narrative for British investors and shedding light on Dubai as the quintessential hub for global expansion. SMEs and entrepreneurs seized the opportunity to gain valuable insights on the wide array of prospective business opportunities available and explain the strengths and benefits of connecting with International Free Zone Authority to find solutions for UK businesses looking to expand to Dubai and beyond.  

International Free Zone Authority outlined its multifaceted offerings, displaying tailored business establishment solutions and an array of value-added services. This unique ecosystem boasts top-tier corporate training, corporate banking assistance, health insurance coverage, modern commercial real estate, bespoke office design and fit out, corporate transport, event management services, and so much more. International Free Zone Authority’s representative then fielded questions and queries from attendees, painting a vivid picture of what the future could hold for business owners looking to establish their companies in Dubai. 

IFZA’s Breakout Session not only underscored its pivotal role as a global business enabler but also underscored its commitment to providing a holistic platform that nurtures business growth and success on an international scale. For more information, visit IFZA’s official website, ifza.com. 

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