Innovation in Safety Awards

Innovation in Safety

Held for the fifth time, the Innovation in Safety Award attracted entrants from thirteen countries and featured a wide variety of functionality across the cargo handling industry, from digitalisation processes, learning and predictive data application as well as safer physical operations and equipment. The winners were announced last week amidst much fanfare but the application and relevance of all the award entrants deserve to be celebrated.

The 2022 Safety Award Digest is designed not just to acknowledge the dedication to safety that the twenty organisations display in putting forward their innovative ideas but also to bring focus to these applications that will have relevance to operators in all parts of the industry and across the globe.

“It is vital that the phenomenal work being carried out by the organisations that enter these Awards be made available to others who can benefit from the improved safety measures that have been described in detail,” says Richard Steele, ICHCA’s CEO. “We have therefore, once more, produced this Innovation in Safety Awards Digest, which encapsulates in one document the products and procedures that have achieved a demonstrable improvement in cargo handling and transport safety.”

In partnership, ICHCA and TT Club have made a fundamental commitment to risk reduction throughout the freight supply chain. This is an environment, in which whenever something challenges or undermines safety, security or sustainability, a key tool in preventing incidents or deficiencies recurring is innovation.

Those submitting the 2022 Award entries demonstrated the passion to enhance safety and dynamic action that exists. The range of innovations displayed the diversity and complexity of this industry, spanning entirely physical safety issues looking at machinery or operations but also showed a focus on digital opportunities for process improvement.  Learning tools were also in evidence as was workforce engagement initiatives and those aiming at environmental protection and monitoring.

“For its part, TT is privileged to work closely with the industry considering its problems are, in equal measure opportunities to mitigate risk further,” comments Peregrine Storrs-Fox, Director of Risk Management, “Our industry awareness and solution orientation results in broad networking and collaboration, amongst the industry and beyond, frequently ‘joining the dots’ and thinking ‘outside the box’. It is in this context – and core to TT’s mission – that the TT Club Innovation in Safety Awards were conceived, seeking to clarify problem statements, affirm or challenge assumptions, value and nurture concepts, and provide opportunity to network, profiling innovation that works.

In commending the Safety Digest to the entire industry, the partners remind all those involved that any innovation could be transformative for the risk profile and safety enhancement, as much for an individual operation as across the entire industry.

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