Inventory issues stall warehouses


Almost a third (30%) of warehouse workers believe that inaccurate inventory poses a significant problem for their operations. This is according to research from ProGlove, leader in wearable barcode scanners, which found that of those who stated that inaccurate inventory poses a problem,15% say it is the biggest problem they are dealing with currently. Furthermore, only 15% of those surveyed stated there is no problem with their inventory management.

Similarly, as supply chain disruption eases around the globe, 72% of workers identified ‘improving processes and workflows’ as a key area of need to improve or maintain productivity.

The research also found that, 31% of leaders are grappling with backorder complexities, disrupting their supply chains and impeding operational efficiency. Additionally, nearly 27% find stock and warehousing audits taxing due to their intricate and time-intensive nature. These statistics underscore the urgent need for sophisticated inventory management solutions to overcome these barriers to optimal productivity.

Ilhan Kolko, Chief Product Officer & President of NA at ProGlove, said: “Many businesses will be breathing a sigh of relief as the demands on their supply chains ease. As pressure reduces, however, the work to resolve the inherent issues within procedures and processes should take centre stage.

“There is an evident desire from leaders to provide the tools and helpful data insights to improve their workflows and circumvent inefficiencies. The solution is comprehensive in-house data insights, provided by bottom-up tech that creates valuable data landscapes from which points of inefficiency can be discovered.”

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