Ivanti accelerates supply chain migration to next generation mobility

Ivanti accelerates supply chain migration to next generation mobility

Ivanti Supply Chain announced the introduction of Ivanti Velocity 2.1, powered by Wavelink. Designed to speed modernisation within the supply chain, this latest release of Ivanti Velocity delivers several enhancements for optimising and simplifying the migration of applications across devices and operating systems. Among these new features are the ability to configure and deploy existing telnet applications on the latest Windows 10 mobile devices.

“Most organisations within the supply chain have invested years optimising their enterprise applications,” said Steve Bemis, Global Vice President of Sales, Supply Chain Business Unit, Ivanti. “The cost, risk and effort associated with writing new mobile applications to keep up with modern mobile operating systems just isn’t feasible. Ivanti Velocity makes it easy for customers to achieve their time and budget milestones when deploying next-generation mobility, minimising the risks and dependence on IT resources.”
New features and benefits available with the release of Ivanti Velocity 2.1 that will enable organisations to deploy their mobile applications across devices and operating systems include:

  • Windows 10 Support. Many of the newest vehicle- and forklift-mounted computers are standardising on Windows 10, complementing Android’s emerging dominance in rugged handheld computers. Velocity now supports both of these latest generation operating systems.
  • Migrate once, deploy to many devices. For organisations that are using a combination of devices and platforms including Android and Windows 10, Ivanti Velocity enables one time migration of apps for deployment across the preferred mix of mobile operating systems and devices.
  • Support for more new devices and manufacturers. Ivanti Velocity continues to expand the selection of supported mobile computing choices for organisations. This release adds additional device-specific support for offerings from Samsung, Point Mobile and more.
  • Rapid Migration and Modernisation. Ivanti Supply Chain’s online migration tool makes it easy to migrate existing mobile applications. For example, existing terminal emulation software can be migrated and modernised in as little as 15 minutes.

“As the migration off of Windows Mobile and CE has accelerated, businesses want app migration to be easy, while also flexible,” said Bemis. “This latest version of Ivanti Velocity continues to simplify the migration of applications and expand the available selection of new mobile computers, while enabling the business to achieve its goals of improving productivity and accuracy. The bottom line is it makes it easier for a supply chain organisation to modernise its operations.”


Ivanti Velocity 2.1 is available now. For more information, visit https://www.ivanti.com/products/velocity.