Makan Bites and the Malaysia-UK Trade Mission

Cheryl Ellron has embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to promote Malaysian cuisine and foster international trade opportunities. From the inception of Makan Bites to the establishment of Ellron Consulting Services and the orchestration of successful trade missions, her endeavours have significantly bolstered the recognition and appreciation of Malaysian products in the UK.

The SME Bank Malaysia trade mission organised by Makan Bites convened in January 2024 served as the culmination of earlier workshops and preparatory efforts, showcasing the collective endeavours of 17 Malaysian companies meticulously selected to participate. The mission’s objectives were succinct: to cultivate international business relationships, explore untapped markets, and facilitate trade and investment prospects.

Throughout the mission, participants engaged in a diverse array of activities meticulously crafted to maximise exposure and networking opportunities. Highlights included a comprehensive three-day business forum featuring industry luminaries, market intelligence visits, physical warehouse and retail excursions, and a novel “speed dating” session facilitating swift connections between buyers and products.

Of particular significance was the business forum, serving as a pivotal platform for Malaysian companies to exhibit their products and forge connections with prospective buyers. With 40 decision-makers in attendance, the event catalysed meaningful dialogues and laid the groundwork for prospective collaborations.

Despite inherent challenges such as scheduling conflicts and logistical intricacies, ongoing negotiations with potential buyers paint a promising picture for the Malaysian companies involved. The concerted efforts to arrange follow-up meetings, whether in-person or virtual, underscore a steadfast commitment to nurturing relationships and capitalising on emerging opportunities.

Looking ahead, Ellron Consulting Services remains steadfast in its commitment to expanding its network of distributors, wholesalers, and importers to elevate the Malaysian brand on the global stage. By leveraging its expertise and resources, the company aims to foster more collaborations and generate heightened exposure for Malaysian products in international markets.

Overall, Cheryl Ellron’s tireless dedication and strategic foresight have positioned Malaysian cuisine and products for sustained success in the British marketplace. Through innovative initiatives and collaborative partnerships, she continues to champion cross-cultural appreciation and spur economic growth, leaving an indelible mark on both businesses and consumers across the UK.

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